Three Quick Solutions To Complement Photos and Increase Revenue

Photo solutions that speak volumes

The photo industry is in a constant state of innovation with new technologies, applications and services. Photomore has developed an entire line of products that meet current market demands including our premium acrylic photo panels, self-adhesive wood panels and self-adhesive molded panels.

Furthermore, most offerings and products demand an increasingly fast turn around.  Being that many customers  are seeking real-time solutions Photomore has created products in order to meet current market demands.  These products are easy to make coupled with a great price! Our new designs deliver great quality as well as provide a hot-selling and profitable presentation solutions.

Photomore Photo Solutions

Premium Acrylic Photo panels

These Premium Acrylic Photo Panels come available in two sizes; 4×6 & 6×8. With the acrylic photo panel you can provide a high-quality product that can be made in mere seconds. The premium acrylic photo panel only requires a 4×6 or 6×8 photo. Simply separate the top portion of the premium acrylic photo panel from the bottom, then insert the print on the bottom portion of the premium acrylic photo panel and then place back the top portion to complete the panel.

Premium Acrylic Photo Panels

Self-adhesive wood photo panels

Our modern wood panels are a customer favorite and come in three sizes; 5×5, 6×6 &8×8. High-quality photo presentation solutions have never been easier to deliver. Our self-adhesive wood panels are quick to make and as a result you can increase revenue while reducing time consuming labor. First remove the liner to expose the adhesive then mount the print. As a result you deliver a beautiful, custom wood panel for wall or stand mounting. Photomore also offers a guide and roller set for better product alignment

Self-Adhesive Wood Panels

Self-adhesive Molded Panels

As with the wood panels, our self-adhesive molded panels lower costs while increasing revenue. These easy to make photo panels come in three sizes; 4×6, 6×8 & 8×10. Photomore’s self-adhesive molded panels can either be wall mounted or stand by itself. Our self-adhesive molded panels are quick to make, simply remove the liner, expose the adhesive and mount the print.

Self-Adhesive Molded Panels