The World’s Leading Manufacturer of Photo Books & Photo Gifts

Photomore, part of Peleman Industries, is a worldwide leading manufacturer in Photo Presentation and Photo Gift Solutions. We offer a wide variety of high quality photo products. These include our undeniably popular and hot-selling photo books, photo panels, calendars and a wide variety of photo gifts. These items are available through major retail chains as well as independent photo shops. Photomore’s newest product offerings include the Clamp & Self-Adhesive Photo Books, Photo Magnets and Acrylic Photo Panels.

Photomore Worldwide Leading Manufacturer in Photo Books and Photo Gifts

Our Green Commitment at Photomore

Photomore Green Energy

Peleman Industries cares about the environment and the future health of the earth. As part of our commitment to eco-friendly, ‘green manufacturing’, Photomore’s products are made with up to 70% recycled materials. As well, we produce many items using natural wind energy. To learn more about Photomore’s premium product lineup please contact one of our retail specialists.

Mission Statement

You don’t get to be the industry leader and sell more than one billion covers worldwide by standing still. At Peleman, our vision is to exceed customer expectations at every opportunity.

With unwavering determination, we continually look for better ways to improve our products while bringing new, patented binding solutions to the market. That is why, despite international awards and recognition for our SteelBinding machines, we are not resting.

Whether it is improving existing products or introducing new products to the market, the Photomore name is synonymous with innovation and creativity.

For that reason, our commitment to stay at the forefront of the industry makes and keeps Photomore the most progressive photo presentation solutions company in the world.

Guido Peleman

Chairman & Founder