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Introducing Photomore’s Online Shop!

Photomore is proud to announce that our Online Shop is now open for business. We welcome retailers, photo labs, photo gift providers as well as independent stores to purchase our premium photo presentation solutions! Photomore’s solutions are available in either retail-ready packaging for shelf display as well as bulk packaging for behind-the-counter services.

Photomore’s wide range of photo product offerings include photo magnets, acrylic panels, self-adhesive wood photo panels, clamp photo books, and much more. The online shop also allows customers to purchase thermal binding and personalization systems which pair perfectly with our Resin Photo Books as well as our Resin Wood Photo Panels. Photomore’s products and hardware will surely accelerate sales while increasing revenue to any store or lab.

The simplicity of Photomore’s products and binding systems are an undeniable asset. Offer undoubtedly quick turnaround coupled with high margins by partnering with Photomore today!

No minimum purchase necessary and also receive free shipping on all orders $800 or more! Partner with Photomore today in order to facilitate a successful portfolio of photo presentation products that your customers will surely love!

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CaseMaker 350 Combo

Create beautiful Photo Books as well as Wood Photo Panels in seconds with Peleman Industries’ innovative CaseMaker 350 Combo. This perfectly compact technology easily allows you to create on-demand gifts while delivering great quality. The CaseMaker 350 easily fits on any load bearing shelf and requires no additional chemicals, glues or solutions due to the unique hot-melt glue application.

Learn more by or purchase in our shop now by visiting the link below!

Self-Adhesive Wood Photo Panels

Now available! Photomore is proud to offer a high-quality, on-demand, low-labor photo solution. With these beautiful photo panels you are able to easily deliver a modern elegance at an undeniably attractive price.

This product extension continues the Photomore promise of fast, easy, and profitable solutions. The Self-Adhesive Wood Photo Panels can either mount on the wall or stand on its own.

Photomore’s Self-Adhesive Wood Photo Panels are available in three different sizes and use an included stand. Deliver undeniably high-quality photo gifts has never been easier; simply peel then stick!

Learn more about our Premium Photo Panels or Shop now!

Self-Adhesive Photo Books

The Self-Adhesive Photo Book by Photomore offers photo labs, retailers as well as gift vendors a premium photo book at an undeniably competitive price. These beautiful photo books come with a variety of colors, sizes and also front cover options in either retail-ready packaging or bulk for behind the counter service.

These premium photo books are undoubtedly easy to use; simply peel then place. These photo books include 12 sheets already assembled in order to place your photos then display.

Learn more about these and our other great photo gift offerings by following the link to visit our shop!

Photo Magnets

Another great take and make offering by Photomore! These Premium Photo Magnets are an undeniably easy-to-use product that comes in retail-ready packaging or bulk for behind the counter service. Photo Labs, Retailers, as well as other photo gift vendors can easily add a quality product offering to their lineup at a great price.

These Premium Photo Magnets are undeniably easy to assemble. Simply place the photo print in magnet frame, peel the protective sheet off the acrylic frame, then press and lock the frame together. This completes your customer’s photo magnet frame in seconds!

Visit the following link to learn more about our Premium Photo Magnets and place an order in our shop today!