Premium Photo Books by Photomore

Deliver premium photo books and photo presentation solutions with Photomore. Photomore, a worldwide leading manufacturer of high quality photo book solutions offers a wide variety of book styles as well as sizes. Photomore’s photo solutions give retailers and labs the ability to meet current market demands with ease. These beautiful, elegant books offer photo retailers and photo labs either professionally customized options as well as our take and make products.

Photomore Premium Photo Books Overview
Resin Binding Photo Books

Our premium line-up of hard cover books include a wide variety of styles as well as sizes. Photomore’s premium resin photo book solutions include products such as genuine leather, natural linen, leatherette, metallic pastels and more. For customers looking to add fully customizable options, Photomore also offers a panorama book which can use a printed cover wrap. Photomore’s premium photo books are manufactured with up to 70% recycled materials as well as with natural wind energy.

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Staple Photo Book

This unique application allows you to offer a modern, leather-like  photo book solutions that your customers will love. These photo books require no machines to complete. You simply gather the photo prints, staple them and adhere your pages into the book. Using Photomore’s smart and easy adhesive application you can bind these books with ease.

These books are currently available in the following sizes: 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 8×10, 8.5×11 and 8×12.

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Clamp Photo Books

The clamp photo book by Photomore enables your customers to easily take and make wonderful projects at home. Due to Photomore’s clamp binding technology, customers can easily add or remove prints from their photo presentation. Photomore’s clamp photo book will be a great addition for any retailer or photo lab.

Photomore’s clamp photo book solutions come in multiple sizes. These books are available in either landscape and portrait formats. These premium books can be paired with our retail displays for easy product placement.

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Self-Adhesive Photo Book and Photo Gift Solutions

The self-adhesive photo book by Photomore is a perfect, easy photo gift solution! These premium photo books allow your customers to take and make elegant photo books with ease. Simply peel then stick your photo prints to create a beautiful photo book.

Photomore’s self-adhesive photo book solutions come in either 4×6 or 6×8 sizes. As well, both formats are also available in black or red. These premium books coupled with Photomore’s other retail offerings can increase revenue when used with our retail displays.

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