Clamp Photo Books

The clamp photo book by Photomore combines beautiful and elegant presentation solution coupled with an easy to use design.  Our unique clamp binding technology, as well as our cutting-edge design, make clamp photo books a quick and easy photo presentation essential. In addition to the leather like finish these photo books come in multiple sizes. These photo books are available to purchase in either bulk or retail packaging for multiple offerings. Due to the simplicity, Photomore’s clamp photo books allow your customers to create beautiful works with minimal effort


Easy-to-make Photo Book

Photomore’s clamp photo book solution also allows your customers to easily add and remove pages. These photo books will increase revenue streams while creating added value for your consumers. Just take your printed photo sheets or other document type to create beautiful presentations such as a photo album or recipe book. Due to Photomore’s clamp binding technology customers can easily add or remove pages to any photo book.

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Available in Retail Packaging

Clamp Photobook

The clamp photo book by Photomore is also available in multiple sizes. These photo books come in either landscape or portrait formats with the following sizes; 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 8×10, 8.5×11 & 11×8.5.  These photo books are also available in retail packaging to pair with Photomore’s retail display. Increase your retail offerings along with products like Photomore’s self-adhesive photo book as well as photo magnets.

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