Self-Adhesive Photo Books

The new self-adhesive photo books are a consumer hot-buy item. This take and make item provides consumers with an excellent photo gift idea for any occassion! These photo books are available for purchase in two color options as well as two size options. The 4×6 and 6×8 photo books come in either red or black.

Additionally, this photo book comes pre-loaded with pages for twelve prints. The pages of the photo book also lay flat for an exceptional photo presentation. Furthermore, these photo books are available to purchase in retail packaging. The self-adhesive photo books can be coupled with other photo products in Photomore’s retail displays for optimal product placement.

Self-Adhesive Photo Book and Photo Gift Solutions
4x6 Self-Adhesive Photo Books

Self-Adhesive Photo Books in 4×6

Photo gift and presentation solution

The new 4×6 Self-Adhesive Photo Book makes for an awesome photo gift idea. For that reason, these premium photo books are great for retailers and craft-hobby stores. These beautiful photo books come in either Black or Red. Additionally, the twelve pre-loaded pages lay flat to make a high quality photo book.

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Self-Adhesive Photo Books in 6×8

Photo gift and presentation solution

The 6×8 Self-Adhesive Photo Book is the newest addition to our line of photo presentation solutions. This photo book will surely be a value add product. Another take and make product, simply peel the protective sheet and place your 6×8 photos into the photo book. Altogether a great solutions for retailers and craft-hobby stores seeking to add photo presentation and photo gift solutions. These magnificent photo books also come in either black or red.

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6x8 Self-Adhesive Photo Books