Premium Photo Magnets

Certainly one of our hot-selling instant premium photo items. Our premium photo magnets deliver a high quality and look with ease. Additionally, these magnets can be put together in seconds. This quick, easy-to-make solution will surely become a customer favorite. Simply place your photo print, peel-off the protective sheet then press to complete your premium photo magnet frame. These magnets are indeed a great gift idea for any customer. With this in mind, we offer two popular sizes: 4×4 and 4×6. Both sizes deliver equally effective retail results, whether providing services behind the counter or coupled with our retail floor display.

Premium Photo Magnets
4x4 Premium Photo Magnet

4×4 Premium Photo Magnet

Because of its modern and minimalistic design, Photomore’s premium photo magnets are highly regarded by the creative industry. The square-shaped design allows you to print your favorite photos while displaying them in style. Another offering from our quick and easy photo solutions, your customers can simply take and make their own premium photo magnet.

Coupled with Photomore’s self-adhesive wood photo panels, our premium photo magnets can expand your photo gift offerings. These magnets are available in retail packaging for easy display. Your customers will surely enjoy these easy to make gifts.

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4×6 Premium Photo Magnet

Another premium take and make solution for a popular photo size choice. Because of the modern design as well as the ease of use, these magnets will deliver a boost in your photo gift sales.

Additionally, these photo magnets can be made in seconds without any machine. Together with our 4×6 Self-Adhesive Molded Panels and 4×6 Self-Adhesive Photo Books, these Photo Magnets make a unique and beautiful photo display offering.

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