Premium Acrylic Photo Panels

Create beautiful works while adding value to your customers. These premium acrylic photo panels are an easy to make addition to your photo offerings. Because of the strong magnetic studs you can take your photo print and complete a panel in seconds. In addition, these stunning photo panels will bring in more fulfillment for your customers while increasing sales.

Photomore’s premium acrylic panels come available in 4×6. There’s no machine or special tools required to complete these panels. Simply remove the top panel, place your photo print then cover. In seconds you have a beautiful photo panel that can either lay flat or be stood up. The elegant design and premium acrylic will make heads turn from across the room.

Looking for more offerings? Pair these photo panels with our premium resin, self-adhesive wood as well as our other great retail offerings.

4x6 Acrylic Photo Panels
Acrylic Photo Panel

4×6 Acrylic Photo Panels

Display 4×6 prints with our premium acrylic photo panels. Photomore’s new photo panels are made using premium acrylic. As well, our top-quality magnets deliver a secure hold for the 2-piece set. Because of its crystal clear quality, these photo panels will become an instant customer favorite. Photomore’s 4×6 Photo Panel is available in a thickness of 20 millimeters.

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Easily offer a complete photo presentation in seconds with Photomore’s Premium Acrylic Photo Panels.