Resin Wood Photo Panels

The resin wood photo panel by Photomore provides customers with an elegant photo presentation at a competitive price. These sleek and modern resin wood photo panels offer customers a high quality photo presentation in seconds. Together with Photomore’s proven and reliable resin binding technology, photo retailers and photo labs can deliver undeniable beauty with ease.

Photomore’s elegant, slim resin wood photo panels are available in two sizes: 5×7 and 8×10. Either size photo panel can use our stand inserts or any wall mount method. These photo panels will undoubtedly stand out and wow your customers. Combined with Photomore’s binding systems you can increase revenue and decrease turn around.

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Resin Wood Photo Panels
5x7 Resin Wood Photo Panel

5×7 Resin Wood Photo Panel

Create new opportunities with Photomore’s premium wood photo panel. Its appealing design and sleek finish make these panels the perfect compliment to this popular photo size. The panels can bring life to any wall as well as stand on any surface. As well, these premium wood panels use Photomore’s innovative resin application. Simply align then place the print onto the wood photo panel. In seconds the CaseMaker 350 will deliver an undoubtedly beautiful piece of wood art.

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8×10 Resin Wood Photo Panel

Create new opportunities to generate more revenue by adding our 8×10 wood photo panels. Furthermore, the elegant design enhances your customer’s favorite photos. The panels are completed together with the unique technology that the CaseMaker 350 delivers. In a matter of seconds your customers will enjoy a wonderful photo presentation. As a result your customers can outfit any space by hanging or standing these modern and slim photo panels.

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8x10 Resin Wood Photo Panel