Resin Binding Systems by Photomore and Unibind

Achieve new opportunities with our case making and binding systems. The CaseMaker 350 Combo is a must have for resin binding photo applications. This patented binding solution allows photo retailers and photo labs to offer fully customizable photo solutions. For use with Photomore’s resin photo books as well as resin photo panels.

With a full lineup of sleek, modern designs, photomore’s resin photo products coupled with our binding system will increase your stores revenue. As well, the CaseMaker 350 Combo is perfect for customers looking to offer either simple or personalized photo solutions. You can create stunning, one of a kind photo books in minutes with our binding system coupled with Photomore’s Panorama Photo Books.

CaseMaker350 Resin Binding Systems

  • Resin Binding Systems
  • 5x7 Resin Wood Photo Panel
  • 8x10 Resin Wood Photo Panel
  • Panorama Photo Books
  • Metallic Photo Books
  • Leatherette Photo Books
  • Genuine Leather Photo Books

CaseMaker Combo

Expand your services while increasing your sales with our versatile case-making and binding system. This innovative technology allows you to create personalized as well as precise photo presentation solutions.  You can deliver a premium finished product in a matter of minutes.

Create personalized Photo books & Gifts on-demand for your customer with Peleman Industries CaseMaker 350 Combo Package.

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UniBinder 8.1

The UniBinder 8.1 by Peleman Industries is a premier resin steel thermal binder designed with you in mind. The ease of use allows you to create beautiful photo books with minimal effort.

Simply take your printed photos then place them in one of Photomore’s resin photo books. Once you are satisfied with the positioning and layout of your photos, place the resin photo book spine side down on the heating plate.

Afterwards, the light will change from Red to Green and you can place your book in the automatic crimping unit. This will press the spine inwards and create a perfect and durable bind. Allow your photo book to cool and you are ready to showcase your completed product.

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Unibinder 8.1

CaseMaker 350

The CaseMaker 350 is an undoubtedly user-friendly, cost-efficient fully automatic case customization system. Due to the growing demand for custom hardcovers as well as display panels, Peleman Industries has developed this easy-to-use case customization system.

The CaseMaker 350 utilizes a revolutionary hot-melt glue application which requires no additional liquids, chemicals or applicable glue. This completely dry concept makes it easy to prepare then create your custom product.

Because there is no set-up and change-over time, you are able to create custom products in minutes. Designed for use with our Panorama Photo BooksResin Wood Photo Panels as well as our display panel line, you are able to easily create beautiful, one of a kind photo gifts and presentations.

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