Smart Calendars

Introducing the Smart Calendar by Photomore. These calendars are quick and easy to make. As well, Photomore’s smart calendars come already bound.  Simply collect your prints then place them on the self-adhesive strips. Photomore also includes a guide to assist with placement of the photo prints. You can create a beautiful, one of a kind calendar with ease.

Photomore’s unique calendar solution is also made available in multiple sizes: 8×4, 6×8 & 8×10. Photomore’s smart calendar solutions deliver another high quality, fully customizable photo presentation as well as photo gift solution. Easily wow your customers while adding revenue to your stores with this great presentation solution. These premium products also have the option for a stand or any standard wall mount.

Photomore’s smart calendar can be coupled with our premium photo panels as well as our premium photo books for a full service solution. Contact one of our sales representatives today for more information on these as well as our other premium offerings.

Smart Calendars
6x4 Smart Calendar

8×4 Smart Calendar

Offer your customers a fully customizable solution with our easy-to-make smart calendars. Simply take your prints then place them into the self-adhesive areas. The smart calendar comes prebound and ready to use. With this in mind, you can increase your photo presentation solutions while decreasing costly labor.

Photomore’s 8×4 smart calendar will stand out on any surface. Wow and amaze your customers with our easy to make solutions.

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6×8 & 8×10 Smart Calendars

Photomore’s fully customizable 6×8 & 8×10 smart calendars will certainly amaze your customers. These beautiful, easy-to-make photo presentations can be completed in minutes. These calendars come prebound and are great for either personal use or photo gift solutions. As a result, Photomore’s smart calendars help increase revenue and decrease labor. Just take your prints then place them into our self-adhesive sheets. Photomore also includes a guide for perfect photo placement.

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8x10 Smart Calendar