Acrylic Photo Panels

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Photomore’s new photo panels are made using premium acrylic. As well, our top-quality magnets deliver a secure hold for the 2-piece set. Because of its crystal clear quality, these photo panels will become an instant customer favorite.

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Acrylic Photo Panels

Photomore’s Premium Acrylic Photo Panels.

Stand out by standing up. The Acrylic Photo Panel by Photomore is without a doubt the perfect accessory for any photo lab, photo gift retailer or photography studio. These premium photo panels are a perfect offering to take and make photo gifts. The Acrylic Photo Panel has two panels to stand on its own.

These Premium Photo Panels are available in either 4×6. Additionally, each panel comes in an individual box for easy display. Photomore also offers retail displays to house your take and make photo products right near your photo kiosk.

How to Use

The Acrylic Photo Panel has four magnets built into each side, front and back. Take your customers 4×6 photo, then place it between the two frame pieces. The magnets will lock into place creating a secure hold between the two pieces while allowing your frame to stand on its own.

Additionally, you can add a personal touch to any frame by using the UniFoil Printer. As an alternative to engraving, you have the ability to add hot foil directly to the frame. Perfect for any occasion such as anniversaries, graduations, weddings, and much more. Easily offer this additional service right at the counter with minimal wait time.

To learn more about the UniFoil Printer as well as personalization options, please contact us



  • Easily create beautiful photo gifts in seconds
  • The magnetic frame allows you to swap photos out with ease
  • The transparent acrylic panel ensures a clear finish
  • Multiple sizes to easily meet your customer’s needs
  • Sleek and clean design
  • Instant Personalization when used with the UniFoil Printer

Industries Best For

  • Photo Labs
  • Photo Retailers
  • Photographers
  • Gift Retailers

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