Leatherette Photo Books

$80.00 Per Case

Deliver elegance with our contemporary leatherette photo books. These stylish photo books are perfect for any occasion. Present your customers with a trendy option that will set you apart from the competition. The Leatherette Photo Books come available in 8.5×11 in Black, Mediterranean Red or Navy Blue.

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Leatherette Photo Books

Contemporary Resin-Steel Photo Books

Photomore’s Leatherette variety of resin steel photo books. These leather-like photo books offer a beautiful, contemporary photo book solution. Photomore’s leatherette photo books have a variety of available colors, spine sizes as well as front cover options. Customers can choose between either a Black, Navy or Bordo front cover.

In addition to the front window, the Leatherette Photo Book is able to be personalized with the UniFoil Printer. Easily add a personal touch to any photo book within minutes.


Photomore’s resin steel photo books utilize the UniBinder 8.1. In order to begin the binding process, first, take your photo prints and align them in the spine. Once the photos are in place, set the photo book spine on the UniBinder 8.1 heating plate.

When the light turns from red to green you can take the book and place it in the crimper in order to perfectly bind your books. Afterward, place your photo book on the cooling plate for 90 seconds. Simply bind, crimp, then cool to deliver a perfect photo book.


Features & Benefits

  • Elegant leather-like cover
  • Available either with or without a front window
  • Multiple spine sizes
  • Easy, error-free binding process
  • Ready in a few minutes



  • Photo Retailers
  • Photographers
  • Gift Retailers

Additional information

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Black, Bordo, Navy

Spine Size

3MM, 5MM, 7MM, 9MM

Front Cover

Front Window, Standard