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Certainly one of our hot-selling instant premium photo items. Our premium photo magnets deliver a high-quality look with ease. Additionally, these magnets can be put together in seconds. This quick, easy-to-make solution will surely become a customer favorite. Simply place your photo print, peel off the protective sheet then press to complete your premium photo magnet frame. These magnets are indeed a great gift idea for any customer. With this in mind, we offer two popular sizes: 4×4 and 4×6. Both sizes deliver equally effective retail results, whether providing services behind the counter or coupled with our retail floor display.

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Photo Magnets

Photomore’s Photo Magnet offers and Instant Photo Gift Solution at an unbeatable price.

One of our most popular photo gifts, the photo magnet is undoubtedly the perfect offering for any instant photo solution. The Photo Magnet by Photomore is surely a cornerstone for take and make photo gift solutions. These photo magnets are undeniably easy to assemble and have a strong, sturdy hold. Available in both Retail Ready Packaging as well as bulk purchase options, you can offer these magnets as a take and make option as well as part of a professional photo package.

Photomore’s photo magnets come in a 4×4 option as well as a 4×6 option in both retail ready packaging as well as bulk purchase for behind the counter services. Photomore also offers retail displays to house your take and make photo products right near your photo kiosk.

How to Use

Additionally, Photomore’s photo magnets come in three pieces which can be assembled in seconds. The front and back frame are interlocking to provide an undeniably strong, permanent hold around the acrylic panel. For either the Retail Ready or Bulk Package, the acrylic cover panel is protected by two peel away sheets to prevent scratching or damage before assembling the magnet frame.

Simply take your customers’ photo then place it on the rear frame. Second, in order to ensure a crystal clear display, remove the protective sheets from the acrylic panel and place over top of the photo. Finally, using the front frame, cover the acrylic panel as well as the photo and attach to the rear frame. This will lock all pieces together to create a strong, durable hold.



  • Easily create beautiful photo gifts in seconds
  • Interlocking frame guarantees solid, durable binding
  • The transparent acrylic panel ensures a clear finish
  • Multiple sizes to easily meet your customer’s needs
  • Available in Bulk and Retail Ready Packaging
  • Sleek and clean design

Industries Best For

  • Photo Labs
  • Photo Retailers
  • Photographers
  • Gift Retailers

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